For The Love of Pete & others

A young boy deals with the pressures of coming to terms with his sexuality and being torn away from the boy he loves.

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This story is very touching, and made me cry at multiple times throughout. Romantic, true love, adorable kids - trust me, you’ll want to reach out and hug the characters every time some tragedy befalls them. A great read.

It is accompanied by several other similar stories.

A Rent Boy Named

A quirky, humorous, and at times touching story of a young teen boy who flees an abusive home and finds himself the leader of a ragtag group of boys trying to eke out a living on California’s Sunset Strip.

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The characters won my heart from the very beginning. The author has a very interesting style of writing and develops deep, rich characters who are very easy to fall in love with. From the adorable Squeegy to the scared-but-steadfast James to the inscrutable witch-doctor, there is no end to the interesting people in the tale.

Just a note: The story was never finished. I’m afraid if you get hooked on this story, you are going to be left hanging :( I was. It’s still worth the read though. The author managed to write 159 chapters, then was simultaneously laid off from his job and bullied into taking the story down by an unnamed anti-gay organization. The link I provided above is an archived version of the author’s website graciously stored by the Internet Archive Project.

Note 2: The author struggled through dyslexia and synesthesia to write this story. It may not flow well at times, and there may be grammar errors. Just be aware that it is amazing that a story exists at all under those circumstances.